Data analysis

Paper base ESM.

Tuen Mun Nursing School Users Interview

Site Observation.

Digital Input Data Analysis.

Study Strategy:
(1) Observation was done at the Tuen Mun Nursing School to collect preliminary information about the school environment;
(2) User Interviews with Year 1 and Year 3 students to collect preliminary information about their perceptions of the school environment and teaching mode, and to learn about the students’ background and their study habit;
(3) ESM study was designed base on the findings from the Observation and the User Interviews intended to uncover the deeper level of participants’ perception, motivation and feeling toward productivity in the school and outside of school environments while engaged in study related activities.

User Interview.

Tangible Object Design Concept.

Tangible Object Structure.

User Interface Design.

User Interface Design.

User Interface of The Tangible Object Prototype.

Soldering The Technical Components of The Tangible Object .

Tangible Object Technical Components.

ESM Tangible Object.

ESM Tangible Object Interface.

Schedule of ESM Study Data Collection.

Data Analysis.

Data Analysis.

Data Analysis – Affinity Diagram.

Data Analysis.

Design Guideline & Concept.

Design Guideline.

Design Concept.